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To Promote California School Meal Programs

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Fort Bragg Unified School District

Students at Fort Bragg USD connect with local community foods.


Welcome to the Outreach Toolkit for California School Food Service

California school districts are doing a remarkable job feeding our children and it is important to let others know of your successes. This Outreach Toolkit was created to help you promote the work you are doing to serve delicious, fresh meals to California school children. You will find a variety of no-cost/low-cost resources on this Web site that you can use to promote your school nutrition program, improve community perception, and increase meal participation.

The Changing Role of Food Service

Watch this short video on "The Changing Role of Food Service" produced for Mt. Diablo School District on the importance of school food service within the school community.

What's New!

New from Team Nutrition: Local School Wellness Policy Outreach Toolkit.

The Toolkit provides communication tools that you can customize to make specific to your school.

Contents include:

• Letter to the Principal
• Newsletter Article
• Parent Handouts (English and Spanish)
• Presentations for School Staff and parents
• Social Media Graphics and Posts

Visit the site at Team Nutrition to download the Toolkit.


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